Why Sun Travel?

Staff Transport

To experience our success in the field of staff transport, we sequence below the activities adopted by Sun Travels:

Contract finalization

  • Introduction
  • Quotation
  • Finalization of commercial terms
  • Signing of Contract


  • Understanding the client requirements,
  • Deploying right staff and vehicles (Resources required)
  • Monitoring the operations at regular intervals
  • Ensuring the expectations of our clients are achieved.


Preparation of Roster /Allocation of vehicles:

  • List of employees data.
  • Preparation of Rooster/Route chart
  • Finalization on vehicle type/quantity.
  • Allocation of vehicles
  • Submission of vehicle documents to clients.
  • Submission of driver s license to the company
  • Inspection of vehicles
  • Fitment of base station at travel desk (clients place)
  • Company logo, Route No. & Emergency contact details to be put on the vehicles.
  • Vehicle allotment notice to the employees.

Operational activities:

  • Allocation of rooster to respective vehicles.
  • Driver's meet to explain the routes.
  • Circulation on any specific guidelines framed by the company and to be followed by drivers.
  • Trial run of vehicles on respective routes.
  • Checking the communication system.


Day to day operations


  • Travel desk / organizer follows up with all vehicles 10~15 min prior to first pick-up. Information on first pick-up completion communicated to the travel desk by all vehicles.
  • Every pick-up completion is communicated to the travel desk by vehicles.
  • Vehicle arrival time at company is noted by the travel desk
  • Travel desk informs Admin./transport department on the completion of pick-up.


  • Vehicles lined up in order of route No’s. and drop organized.
  • Drop completion information communicated to travel desk by drivers.


  • Trip sheets on completion of days duty is collected by travel desk.
  • Duty chart prepared based on Trip sheets consolidating all vehicles.
  • Duty chart with Trip sheets submitted to Admin. Department for approval.
  • Fortnightly bill prepared based on approved duty charts.

Vehicle induction process

  • Scrutinizing the documents to check validity.
  • Check Registration Certificate.
  • Driver Driving License And Badge
  • Valid emission certificate.
  • Valid insurance certificate.
  • Valid fitness certificate.
  • Valid permit certificate.
  • Check for valid road tax.
  • Two photographs of the driver & two photographs of the owner while inducting the vehicle.

Driver induction process

  • We have a dedicated team to induct the vehicles and drivers. Our Induction team will check the driver background along with all necessary statutory documents.
  • We train drivers in various aspects in helping them to shown their proficiency in driving.
  • We have an elaborate brief handouts printed in Kannada (Local Language) to educate drivers about the training.

Criteria for induction of driver

  • Valid driving license.
  • D L Extract from RTO.
  • Background & residential check by our company/private agencies/police verifications.
  • Drivers data form dully filled with all details of the drivers references, photographs, thumb impression etc.,
  • A copy of all the details & photographs to our client and a copy at our office.
  • ID Cards will be issued to the drivers while inducting the vehicles.
  • ID Cards will be renewed every year after repeating the above process in full.
  • Display ID card will be checked with all drivers at the time of induction .( Mandatory)

Procurement of vehicles:

In addition to the large fleet of vehicles already available further requirements are assessed and action taken to procure or for attachment of required no. of vehicles. The required fleet of vehicles both in terms of types and numbers is arranged and kept ready for starting of the operations.

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